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Does Champagne make a good gift?

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What Champagne isn’t is new, hot, or trendy. What it is is a classic luxury and special treat that never goes out of style.

Almost anyone can appreciate a bottle of Champagne. It’s the rare alcoholic beverage that even non-drinkers can appreciate because comes New Year’s, it’s always nice to have a bottle of Champagne around — if not for yourself then for guests or to bring to a function. Therefore, it’s easy for me to declare Champagne as one of the safest yet most pleasing gifts you can give.

One challenge however can be with getting Champagne shipped. Not all retail stores will ship Champagne due to the various interstate laws governing the shipment of alcoholic products. But no need to worry thanks to a new website called Not only do they provide a great selection of gift-worthy Champagnes to choose from, they also will handsomely wrap your gift and deliver it to anywhere in the US. They even offer international and expedited delivery options.

Check them out and pass a long a toast from us!

UPDATE (11/21/2012): Prefer wine?  We just discovered there is a Wine Gift Express too!

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