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Monthly Archive for: February 2012

Planning a Bridal Shower

Filed under: For Women, Weddings

A bridal shower is an intimate party—a chance for the bride to get together with her closest friends and family to celebrate her upcoming marriage. And of course, to shower her with gifts! read more

“Around the Clock” Bridal Shower

Filed under: For Women, Weddings

Spring is a popular time for weddings, so it’s no surprise that bridal showers abound. Finding a gift for a themed shower can be tricky. Your choices become limited, but this can be a blessing because it can help you define your search and boost your creativity. read more

The Gifts Guys Want

So you want to know what kinds of gifts guys want? Gift-giving is not always easy, but I can help by giving you the inside scoop from a guy’s point of view. First, here are some do’s and don’ts: read more


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regifting \\re gif’ ting\\ v:  Passing off a gift someone else gave you as new.

read more

How To Find the Perfect Gift

Filed under: For Any Occasion

Think of the most perfect present you have ever received. What made this present perfect? Was it the person who gave it to you? Was it something you have always wanted but would never have indulged yourself with? Maybe it was the creativity or the timeliness of it? Or was it the manner in which it was presented? read more