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About Us is a Web site dedicated to gifts, whether it’s giving or receiving, planning or shopping. By focusing on the entire process of gift-giving, we provide a service other gift Web sites don’t—a complete resource guide on gifts, not just another shopping site. offers these services:

  • Personalized gift recommendations from our gift experts if you’re stuck on what kind of gift to get or have questions about gift etiquette.
  • Your own Wish List to tell your friends about the perfect gifts for you. Browse our recommended gifts for things to add onto your Wish List or put in whatever your heart desires, from the long-awaited Mediterranean cruise, to dinner at your favorite restaurant. manages your Wish List similar to a gift registry and helps keep track of presents you want and presents you’ve received.
  • Insightful and up-to-date articles on our blog to keep you abreast of interesting gift trends and new ideas. provides the complete solution for all gift-giving occasions. With all these great resources at your fingertips, we hope you’ll agree that is your one-stop gifting destination.