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Category: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts for A New Mom

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Recently, a few of my friends became mothers for the first time.   I’ve seen the many adjustments that these women had to make as they step into a new role.  On Mother’s Day, I would like to see them celebrated for all of the diaper changes, late night feedings, and the hours of labor. read more

Idea for Mothers Day Gifts: Pamper Mom In Her Own Home

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With everything that she does for us all year, hard-working moms deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day.   On this day, it’s important to find a way to tell Mom how special she is and how much you appreciate everything that she does. Some moms might prefer to indulge themselves in a familiar environment, so setting up a home spa would be a perfect way to express your love for her.  This is also something that the kids can help with, so the whole family can do this as a present to mom.   Here is what I would do to make sure Mom has a perfectly relaxing day at home. read more