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Category: Wedding Anniversaries

Gift Ideas for Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations!  Twenty five years of marriage is getting rare, which makes this day all the more important.  An event like this calls for a big celebration and a special gift to commemorate just how special this day is. read more

Tenth Anniversary Gift Ideas

The tenth anniversary is a big milestone in a marriage and should be celebrated.  Traditionally, the tenth wedding anniversary is marked by aluminum or tin.   The more modern element associated with a 10 year wedding anniversary is diamonds.   The official tenth anniversary flowers are daffodils, representing joy and happiness.  The official color for the then anniversary is silver or blue. read more

Traditional Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries by Year: First Five Years

Each wedding anniversary is associated with different elements.  There is a traditional version of this list, and a modern one. For a gift giver, this can be really helpful as it gives us great ideas for presents. These guidelines can lead to unique and beautiful gifts that fit into any budget. I’ve thought of a few ideas to get your started on choosing a present appropriate for the first five years of marriage, from the traditional standpoint. read more

Gift Ideas – Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas From A Favorite TV Show

I might be dating myself here, but I grew up watching The Cosby Show.  One of my favorite episodes is called “Isn’t It Romantic”.  In this episode, Cliff and his two sons-in-law have a competition about who could give the most romantic gift to their wife.  Since all three agreed that it was important to be able to show affection on any budget, they capped their spending at $25.  Although the wives had found out about this bet ahead of time and wanted to get back at their husbands with a negative reaction, each melted when they got their surprise. read more