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The Gifts Guys Want

So you want to know what kinds of gifts guys want? Gift-giving is not always easy, but I can help by giving you the inside scoop from a guy’s point of view. First, here are some do’s and don’ts:


  • Miscellaneous clothing – Nothing is worse than the let-down of ripping through the wrapping paper to find…a tie.
  • Personal hygiene items – “Hey, you’re a nice guy, but that nose hair problem…” Personal hygiene is a chore. Ask any woman who shaves her legs.
  • Anything that you can “share with him” – Come on, indulge him. Let him have his toys, get your own.
  • Think too hard – Guys aren’t subtle about what they want. Women drop hints, men drop bombs. Pay a little bit of attention, and BAM! You have your gift idea.


  • Functional, not practical, things – DVD player is functional. Nose hair trimmer is practical. Artwork is neither (no matter how nice it is). Guys like functional. Functional good.
  • Gadgets – Men like toys. Computer and cooking (believe it) gadgets are hot items.
  • Sports-related items – Obviously, guys like sports. What team does he like, what does he like to play, how bad is his golf/basketball/darts game? Help him compete/watch/cheer harder than all of his friends.

Regardless of what you give, he will appreciate it. After all, you did care enough to go through all the trouble of getting the right gift. If he doesn’t, you can always send it to me.

Happy Holidays!

This entry was posted on February 8, 2012 at 11:27 pm.