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What is a Wish List? 

The purpose of a Wish List is to keep track of all the things you want in one convenient location. A Wish List also makes it easy for you to find and shop from anyone else’s Wish List.

When you create a Wish List, you will be giving your friends and family an easy way to find and shop from one convenient location. To locate a friend’s or family member’s Wish List, all you need to do is provide their name, email address, and the answer to their pass question (if they choose to have one).

For couples who are planning on getting married, can Wish List act as a gift registry. An engaged couple creates a list of the items they hope to receive and their guests and friends purchase gifts for the couple from that list. Using the Wish List for a bridal registry is a great convenience for couples and for those who wish to give them gifts.

How do I get to my Wish List? 

You can access your Wish List information anytime just by clicking on the “My Wish List” link in the right-hand navigation when you are logged in to

How do I create a Wish List? 

  1. Go to “My Wish List.” You will need to login to your existing account or create a new one if you haven’t already.
  2. When you’re finished adding items, you may choose to send your Wish List to all your friends and family. We will ask you for their e-mail addresses and will give you a preview of the e-mail they will receive. You can even add a personal message to them on this e-mail if you’d like.

Can a Wish List also be used as my wedding registry? 

A Wish List functions exactly like most traditional wedding registry services. All of your friends and family can use it to find out what you’d like to receive, and it automatically documents any purchases made from it.

What happens when I click on “Share Wish List with Friends?” 
Can friends and family buy off my Wish List?

When you click on “Share Wish List with Friends,” you can type in the email addresses of your friends or family members to send them information about your Wish List. Friends who receive your Wish List e-mail will be able to access your Wish List gift choices. Your friends can order any item directly off the list through the vendors. Once an item is either purchased or committed, it will be marked in the Wish List as “Purchased” or “Committed.”

Also the “Share Wish List with Friends” option may be a particularly good tool for your kids—they can put together a list of what they’re interested in, and then e-mail it to parents and family.

How do I find someone else’s Wish List? 

  1. Go to the “Find a Friend’s Wish List” page.
  2. Enter the person’s last name. To obtain more specific wish lists, input an e-mail address, first name, and state.
  3. Click on “Search” to take you to the search results page.
  4. If the search was successful, there will be a listing of user name(s) that match the search query.
  5. Click on the user name to proceed to that user name’s Wish List or perform another search by searching again at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click on a user name (among the search results) to proceed to that user name’s Wish List. You are then taken to a new page that asks the pass question.
  7. To enter the Wish List, you must answer the pass question correctly in the field box, and click “submit.”
  8. If there is no pass question for this user, simply click on “Submit” to proceed to the user’s Wish List.

What is a Pass question? 

Very simple: when a user requests access to your Wish List, he or she is asked your pass question. Only users who answer the question correctly, are allowed to view your wish list or pick items on your wish list to buy for you.

What are the advantages of a Pass question?’s Pass question mechanism allows you to choose your level of security. If you’d like anyone to have access to your Wish List, you can choose a Pass question such as “What color is the sky?” with the answer “Blue.” If you’d like very strict access, you can choose something like “What is my password?” with the answer “xxwwff7070.” Most users choose something in between—a question most of their friends know the answer to, but strangers wouldn’t normally guess. For example, “What is my dog’s name?”

How can I tell my friend’s about my Wish List’s Pass question? 

First, set your pass question on the “Preferences” page. Next, go to the “Share Wish List with Friends” page. There, you can enter your friends’ email addresses and will automatically send them messages informing them about your Wish List and, if you choose, your pass question and answer.

How exact do answers have to be?? 

When a user types the answer to your pass question, he or she must type the answer exactly as you entered it, but does not need to use the same capitalization. For example, if your answer is “Spot the Dog”, your friends can enter “spot the dog” or “SPOT the dog”, but not “spot” or “spot dog”.

How can I decide to buy a gift for a giftee? Can I change my mind? 

  1. You may change the status of any gift on the giftee’s Wish List by clicking on either “I’ll buy it” or “Change Status” choice underneath the “Purchased?” area.
  2. If you have decided to commit to buying the gift for the giftee, you may click on “I’ll buy it” underneath the “purchased?” area next to a gift item.
  3. If you have already committed to buying a gift previously, and wish to change their commitment status, you may click on “Change status” choice underneath the “Purchased?” area next to a gift item.
  4. To buy a gift, click on “I’ll Buy It”. Check either “I commit to buying this gift,” “I purchased this gift,” or “neither.”
  5. Type in a due date for purchasing this gift. This is used to remind you a due date for your gift purchase.
  6. You can check a box to link the gift item to your own reminder list for your convenience.
  7. Click on “Submit” to save changes, “Reset” to clear the fields, or “Cancel” to go back to the giftee’s Wish List.

How do I know if I have committed to or have bought a gift for my giftee? 

Under the “Purchased?” column, there are one of three things written. The gift is either “Purchased,” “Committed,” or “Available.”

How do I add items to a Wish List if I come back to at a later date? 

If you want to add more items to your Wish List, you need to first log in. To do so, just go to “Sign In”, then click on “My Wish List.” Once you are on the Wish List page, you may begin adding items to your list by clicking the “Add this item to My Wish List” links on any product description.

How secure is my Wish List? 

At, your personal information is always safe. To protect the information in your Wish List, we require you to log in with your account password. We also require all guests to log in using your name, email address and a pass question that you have determined. Without these information, a visitor cannot access any information in your Wish List. For added security, we do not provide specific address information to guests using your Registry.

There is a link within the “My Wish List” page that takes you to the “Preferences” page. Within the “Preferences” page there is a “Security” section:

  • You may input a question that your friends and family member must answer in order to see your Wish List in the “Pass question” field.
  • In the answer field, input the correct “Pass answer.”