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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts for A New Mom

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Recently, a few of my friends became mothers for the first time.   I’ve seen the many adjustments that these women had to make as they step into a new role.  On Mother’s Day, I would like to see them celebrated for all of the diaper changes, late night feedings, and the hours of labor.

Mother’s Day is all about showing appreciation to a woman who takes care of others every day.  The most important thing to offer a new mom is recognition of how hard she has worked and how much she means to you.  With that in mind, don’t be afraid to pamper the new mother in your life.

Husbands, this woman has just given you the best gift of all.  No gift can ever say everything you feel, but the thought behind the present should still express how well you know and love her.  For her first year as a mom, consider a piece for jewelry with your child’s birthstone.  Or, start a charm bracelet with charms that have meaning to her.  I like Helzberg Diamonds for their gemstone jewelry selection, and collection of cute charms.  Also, Pandora has a large selection of charms that will help you express your appreciation of the new mother in your life.

You can never go wrong with flowers, but how personalizing the bouquet in some way?  If possible, choose flowers that represent the month of your child’s birth.  (Click here for a handy reference of birthstones and birth flowers.)  For an extra special bouquet, tie a ribbon around the bouquet and pin a nice brooch to it.  I like this one from Charm & Chain.

For a more tech-savvy new mom, consider getting her a new smart-phone or an iPad so that she can keep track of all that she has to do during the day.   (Tip: Don’t get her a fun gadget with the intention of “borrowing” it all of the time.)

Giving a gift to a new mother that’s also my friend is something that I’m really excited about this year.   Since my friends have been really busy with their new responsibilities, I think that this is a good opportunity to let them know how much they still mean to me.   If you feel the same way, how about coordinating with her husband to see if he can babysit while you can take her out for a lunch and a movie?  Have an afternoon of girl-time at a spa.  I like Spafinder because they offer a great selection of gift certificates to local spas; often at reduced prices.  Or, offer your baby-sitting services while he takes her out on a hot date.  The gesture will mean even more because you were thoughtful enough to consult with the other most important person in her life!

This entry was posted on January 25, 2011 at 7:21 pm.