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Idea for Mothers Day Gifts: Pamper Mom In Her Own Home

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With everything that she does for us all year, hard-working moms deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day.   On this day, it’s important to find a way to tell Mom how special she is and how much you appreciate everything that she does. Some moms might prefer to indulge themselves in a familiar environment, so setting up a home spa would be a perfect way to express your love for her.  This is also something that the kids can help with, so the whole family can do this as a present to mom.   Here is what I would do to make sure Mom has a perfectly relaxing day at home.

Prep Work:

ONE:  Clean the bathroom well.  No one wants to lie in a tub that’s less than spotless.  If nothing else, cleaning the bathroom will already be a great gesture for Mom.

TWO:  I would get some bath accessories.  I love the idea of a bath pillow so Mom can lie back and relax.  I found one from Bed Bath and Beyond is highly rated and a good value.     I also like the idea of a bathtub caddy, so Mom can enjoy a drink in the tub, or support a book that she hasn’t had time to read yet.  I found a few at that I would love to have.

THREE: Make sure to have bath oils, bath salt, or a nice bubble bath.  Philosophy has a complete line of beautifully packaged bubble baths and scrubs that is perfect as a gift for Mom .  If you are really ambitious, you can make your own bath soaks for mom.  I found some recipes at  Put it in a clean Mason jar, make a nice label for it, and it will also make a great gift for Mom.

FOUR: Get Mom a new plush robe, towel, and slippers, or wash the ones that she already has.  You can also set up a nice gift basket with lotion, some nail polish, a few magazines, a good book, or anything else you think Mom might enjoy.

On Mother’s Day

ONE: Get a cucumber and slice it.  Arrange the slices on a nice small plate so that Mom can put them on her eyes.  Chilled cucumbers will feel better, so keep them refrigerated until the bath is ready.   If you prefer, you can also get Mom an eye-mask.

TWO: Draw a bath.  Follow the instructions of the bath salts, oils, or bubble bath.   I like my baths on the hot side, but you can always start with warm and work up.

THREE: Pour Mom a glass of wine or make her a cup of herbal tea.  To really spoil Mom like she deserves, slice some fruit and put berries into a nice dish for her to enjoy while she’s pampering herself.

FOUR: Light a few candles and lay them near the tub.  Get those cucumber slices and fruit and lay it on a low chair or stool near the tub.  Arrange the pillow and caddy in the tub.  Get a vase and put a rosebud in it.  If you washed her towels and robe, fold it nicely.  If you can, move a small radio into the bathroom and have it play soft music.  Make the bathroom as nice as you can.

FIVE: Time to surprise mom.  There are many ways you can present the spa time to mom.  Mom can unwrap a robe, a bath pillow, or a even a novel that you think she might enjoy during her soak.  Or, tie a thick ribbon around the bathroom door and let her unwrap that.   Either way, while the presentation should still be beautiful, it should not take so long as to detract from her relaxation time.

SIX: Leave her alone.  Take the kids to a movie.  Turn down the phone and let calls go to voicemail for an hour or two.  For an extra treat for the whole family, pick up take-out for dinner on your way home.

Setting up a home spa for Mom is a win for everyone and easy to do.  There are plenty of options to do this on any budget.   There are enough elements to this so that the whole family can pitch in.  Kids can help make the bath soak, choose a robe, or pick out the flowers by the tub.  Mom gets time to herself and the joy of knowing how much thought and effort her family put into this special gift.  Finally, you get to spend time alone with the kids to do something you all enjoy as Mom indulges herself at home.  Good for Mom, and good for you.

This entry was posted on January 20, 2011 at 9:52 pm.