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Gift Ideas for Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations!  Twenty five years of marriage is getting rare, which makes this day all the more important.  An event like this calls for a big celebration and a special gift to commemorate just how special this day is.

Silver is the traditional and modern gift for a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  This means there are lots of options for a great gift for either a man or a woman.  The flower most commonly associated with this occasion is the elegant Iris.

I think that after twenty-five years of marriage, you’ve earned the right to whisk your sweetheart away and fall in love all over again.  A great gift would be silver luggage tags attached to plane tickets or a cruise package.  I love this silver plated airplane-shaped tag from My Wedding Favors.   There is also one shaped like a boat if a cruise is your destination.  These tags are inexpensive, which is great because that will allow you to spend more on your vacation.

For a woman’s gift, I think silver jewelry would be lovely.  I like these diamond and silver earrings from Or, go all out and get something extravagant from Tiffany’s like this silver bangle.  Before picking any jewelry though, take a look at what your wife already has.  If she wears mostly yellow gold, she will probably not find a use for silver jewelry, no matter how beautiful it is.  If you never see her wear earrings, you might want to opt for a necklace instead.  Not only is it important to pick out beautiful pieces, but it’s important that your wife would love it and use it.

There are many options for men’s gifts in silver.  I would consider jewelry as a gift for a husband too.  What is his taste when it comes to clothing?  Does he like simplicity or is he bolder?  Either way, there are a variety of silver watches that would suit his style.   I like this Invicta watch from Palm Beach Jewelry.  Or, be extravagant and opt for that Rolex he’s always talked about getting one day.

Don’t forget to get some flowers to mark the day.  FTD has a beautiful bouquet of red roses, lilies, and irises.  Or, incorporate irises into the day by making your own arrangement and putting it in a silver vase.   I like this one from Bellacor.

If you want to celebrate a couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, silver is a great gift because it’s so versatile and can meet many budgets.  Keep in mind though that this couple probably already they need.  Gifts that are consumable will probably be most appreciated.  One thing I liked was this silver wine bottle stop from Hanson Ellis.  Another option is a silver-plated money clip from The Knot holding a gift card to a restaurant for the couple to enjoy.

Since it’s such a special day, I think that silver should be used lavishly.  Wrap the gift in silver paper, or top it off with a silver bow.  Accent the gift with silver keychains like this silver locket from Beaucoup Favors.

Regardless of the gift you choose, know that a Silver Anniversary is rare and becoming more and more unique.  Cherish this day and start thinking ahead for the Gold Anniversary.

This entry was posted on February 22, 2011 at 8:46 pm.