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Gift Ideas – Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas From A Favorite TV Show

I might be dating myself here, but I grew up watching The Cosby Show.  One of my favorite episodes is called “Isn’t It Romantic”.  In this episode, Cliff and his two sons-in-law have a competition about who could give the most romantic gift to their wife.  Since all three agreed that it was important to be able to show affection on any budget, they capped their spending at $25.  Although the wives had found out about this bet ahead of time and wanted to get back at their husbands with a negative reaction, each melted when they got their surprise.

Elvin, the oldest son –in-law had gotten his wife a single pearl and vowed to add one each year until she had the necklace she wanted.  This is a great idea because it starts a tradition and promises longevity of their relationship.  To adapt this idea, start a charm bracelet and add a charm that meant something about your experiences in this past year.  Or, get a large piggy bank and add $25 to it, with a promise to add to it every year until you have enough to take the vacation of your dreams.

Martin, the second son-in-law started a time capsule for his wife.  Inside, he placed a flower from their wedding and a handkerchief with a lipstick stain from their first kiss.  To me, this shows that he cherished their experiences together and treasured things that reminded him of his time with wife.   Even if you didn’t save anything from early on in your relationship, you can still borrow this idea.  Do you remember the first movie you saw together?  Or, was there a special song that you danced to together?   Get a copy and promise that you will find a way to play it on your 25th and 50th anniversary.   Or, was there something special you did on your first date?   Maybe you shared a dessert or took a nice long walk.   Recreate something from a special date as closely as you can and fall for her all over again.

Cliff starts off by reminiscing about how his date wanted a wooden hair clip but he couldn’t afford it at the time.  Now, decades later, he finally managed to track down the hair clip she wanted.  His wife disdains the barette because it was actually wanted by another girl that Cliff was dating.  She opens her present and is delighted to find that it was really the green bangle that she wanted long ago.  I love this idea because Cliff shows that he remembered something important to his wife from a long time ago and put in the effort to get it for her.  To adapt this, was there a toy that meant something to your wife when she was a child?  You can get one from eBay and promise to play it with her and your children.  Or, maybe there was a book that she loved growing up.  Get a copy with a promise to read it to her.

I loved this episode for many reasons.  One, the men made this bet because the unmarried Theo thought that marriage kills romance.  Two, each put so much thought into their presents that their wives found it impossible to stick to their original plan of rejecting the presents.  Three, it shows that romance doesn’t have to cost big bucks and it truly is the thought that counts.  However you chose to adapt these ideas, chose something meaningful and put some effort into it.  I am sure your significant other will swoon at the gift too.

This entry was posted on January 27, 2011 at 10:05 pm.