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Tenth Anniversary Gift Ideas

The tenth anniversary is a big milestone in a marriage and should be celebrated.  Traditionally, the tenth wedding anniversary is marked by aluminum or tin.   The more modern element associated with a 10 year wedding anniversary is diamonds.   The official tenth anniversary flowers are daffodils, representing joy and happiness.  The official color for the then anniversary is silver or blue.

A gift either of you could give is a copy of your wedding vows framed in a tin or aluminum frame.  I especially like this frame from The Real Southwest, or this aluminum and glass one from Hanson Ellis.   A beautiful tin or aluminum vase filled with flowers you used at your wedding or daffodils would be a special way to mark the day.    I love this glass and aluminum vase from Enduring  Rose. Jewelry in the shape of daffodils is also a sweet gift for your anniversary.   I like this silver daffodil pendant from David Morgan.

If your budget allows, then I think that the 10 year anniversary is so special that both the traditional and the modern gift should be given.  A diamond necklace in a tin jewelry box would be cherished.   CNS Direct has a small tin box that can be personalized and would be a nice way to present the diamond gift.   You can also find tin and diamond jewelry on   Sites like Blue Nile offers get diamond jewelry at great prices.

For your husband, I like the idea of an aluminum watch display box from Corley’s Watch and Box.   I also love classic tin banks to hold a small gift; my personal favorite is this classic Batman tin bank from Amazon.   It would make a great container for a pair of tickets to a game or concert that you can attend together.  Or, if your budget allows you to splurge on your husband, I like these diamond cuff links from A watch with a diamond would be a gift that would get lots of uses.

If you have a present in mind, don’t hesitate to get it just because it’s not tin, aluminum, or diamonds.  You can still stick to the theme by wrapping your gift in aluminum foil.   Add a blue ribbon or bow to it, and it’s actually prettier than a lot of gift wrapping paper.  Or, bake your loved one’s favorite cookies and put them in a nice new cookie tin.  Enjoying these treats together while watching your wedding video would be a cozy way to celebrate your anniversary.

If you’re celebrating a couple’s tenth anniversary, then how about these tins of tea along with a gift cart to a great restaurant?  As a serious tea lover, I’ve always like teas from Harney & Sons. They are attractively packaged and taste great.  Another gift I’m sure they will appreciate is a gift card to a hotel so that they can reclaim some alone time.  If they have kids, offer to baby-sit for them, and you will become their favorite person.

There are many ways to incorporate tin, aluminum, or diamonds into a tenth anniversary gift for your significant other.  Whichever gift you choose, as long as it’s from the heart, I’m sure it will be loved.  Happy 10th anniversary!

This entry was posted on February 18, 2011 at 10:47 pm.