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Traditional Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries by Year: First Five Years

Each wedding anniversary is associated with different elements.  There is a traditional version of this list, and a modern one. For a gift giver, this can be really helpful as it gives us great ideas for presents. These guidelines can lead to unique and beautiful gifts that fit into any budget. I’ve thought of a few ideas to get your started on choosing a present appropriate for the first five years of marriage, from the traditional standpoint.

First Anniversary: Paper

I love the idea of a scrapbook of first year memories.  For a professional look, go to Shutterfly and upload your own pictures to make a printed Photobook.  Another idea is to custom design a calendar using photos from meaningful moments in your relationship.  Vistaprint allows you to upload your own images to design a calendar that is unique to you.  To make this gift extra special, make sure you put time on the calendar for date nights.   I also love Moleskine products.  A great gift would be the Moleskine Passions collection, which will allow you to record memories of movies, books, wines, traveling, and more in an attractive notebook.

Second: Cotton

A gift that the couple will enjoy together is a luxury sheet set.  I order mine at a significant discount from Overstock.  For your husband, you can consider a plush new robe. gives you a choice of robe colors and monograms your gift.  For a more playful anniversary present, consider monogrammed boxer shorts.  To celebrate a summer anniversary, how about giving your wife a canvas beach tote and beach towel?  Or, if your wedding anniversary happens during a cooler season, a personalized Pashmina shawl would be a great gift.

Third: Leather

A watch with a leather strap is always a great gift.  Your wife would love a new purse or handbag.  Your husband might be in need of a new wallet.  eDesignerShops offers luxury accessories at significant discounts.  I also like a leather watch and display box from Corley’s Watch and Box. If your anniversary falls during a colder season, leather gloves will keep out the chill.   If you have a vacation coming up, a leather travel wallet or passport holder would be perfect.  If your significant other is more eco-friendly, a great many accessories made in faux leather would be a wiser choice.

Fourth: Fruit/Flowers

Chocolate covered fruit falls into this theme and it would be a perfect dessert after a nice home cooked dinner.  Anything floral would also fit into this category as a gift to your wife.  That includes flower pendants and earrings.  It would also be fun to put together your own picnic basket full of treats.  Include fresh fruits, crackers, small jams, cheeses, and a bottle of wine and you’ll also have a great way to celebrate your anniversary.  Sites like Peapod or Dean & Deluca make this so easy by delivering the groceries right to your door.

Fifth: Wood

This is a tough one because there are so many options.   The fifth anniversary is s landmark, so how about a wooden box with something special inside?  For instance, how about a jewelry box with piece of jewelry inside?  A picture frame holding a pair of tickets to a great concert would be a great five year anniversary gift as it gives you an opportunity for a date night.

On each anniversary, put the front page of your local newspaper into a sealed container, or print some pictures from special events during the year.  This will make great content for a time capsule to be opened on your tenth wedding anniversary.  Bonus tip: since the tenth anniversary is traditionally represented by tin, a clean cookie tin would be a good container.

For any anniversary, it’s most important that the gift is from the heart.  These are just guidelines to help you continue celebrating your marriage.  Happy anniversary!

This entry was posted on February 15, 2011 at 8:39 pm.