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“Around the Clock” Bridal Shower

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Spring is a popular time for weddings, so it’s no surprise that bridal showers abound. Finding a gift for a themed shower can be tricky. Your choices become limited, but this can be a blessing because it can help you define your search and boost your creativity.

One of the most popular shower themes is the “Around-the-Clock” shower, where each guest is assigned a time of day. The task is to find an appropriate gift for that specific time. At the shower, the bride opens her gifts in order, from morning to night.

Though this is a guide to the Around-the-Clock shower, the suggestions can be used for any shower theme. If you’re still stumped for gift ideas, check the couple’s gift registry. You can check for items that the couple may have left off the registry and make sure that someone did not already buy the toaster that you had in mind. Many people prefer to hand-pick their own gifts for the shower (the idea of the event is to “shower” the bride with gifts for her) and leave the items on the registry for wedding gifts.

“Around-the-Clock” Shower Gift Ideas

Early morning (6-8am) – Rise and Shine

  • alarm clock
  • shower radio
  • massage shower head
  • coffee maker
  • bath and body gift basket
  • bath robe
  • newspaper subscription
  • waffle iron
  • bed tray

Mid-morning (9-11am) – Working Girl

  • cup warmer and personalized mug
  • special selection of teas or coffees for a mid-morning perk
  • picture frame for her desk
  • stationery with her new name (if she’s changing her maiden name)
  • engraved business card holder with her new initials

Noon (12-2pm) – Lunch Time/Fun in the Sun

  • picnic basket
  • inline skates
  • Asian noodle bowls
  • museum passes
  • set of poolside pitcher and glasses

Afternoon (3-5pm) – Tea Time/Lazy Afternoons

  • decorative tea pot
  • basket of tea blends
  • sugar bowl and/or creamer
  • aromatherapy bath products and/or candles
  • journal for keeping thoughts on the first year of marriage

Evening (6-10pm) – Dinner Time/Night Out

  • grill pan
  • rice cooker
  • cookbook or recipe holder
  • set of cooking utensils, pot holders, dish towels
  • gift certificate to couple’s favorite restaurant
  • tickets to a broadway show
  • movie passes

Night (11pm and on) – Sleepy time

  • lingerie
  • sheets and linen
  • cozy blanket
  • sterling silver brush and mirror set

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